Troublemaker Book: Chapter Notes

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Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again

Page 1: Book subject;,26174,2035036,00.html

Page 3: Study published by Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism, "Michael Calderone writes that Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has discovered that in the past few months, O’Donnell 'vaulted from zero national name recognition to garnering more coverage than any other 2010 candidate'—even though she’s declined to make many appearances in the national media.", 11/2/10    ’_media_mainstays

Number of Stories: September 13-19, 2010

Page 4: ‘Troublemaker’ title; &,9171,2028074-1,00.html

Page 7: Ruling Elite;

Page 9: Every American child born today already owes over $200,000;

Page 10: Non-military federal workers;

Page 18: “dabbling”; & & &

Page 18: Politically Incorrect regular;

Page 24: Kathleen Carroll - Charles Carroll; &

Page 33: Pope John Paul II Encyclical;

Page 39: Coons brought New Castle County to the brink of bankruptcy; &

Page 40: Turn Rove into a supporter clip; &

Page 43: Reagan’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”;

Page 48: Bozo the Clown;

Page 58: Child-run lemonade stands shut down;

Page 65: William Penn statue;

Page 66: Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wigg;

Page 79: Human Life International;

Page 81: Press;

Page 84: The New York Times leak;

Page 89: Rebecca Hagelin;

Page 90: Fairleigh Dickinson University; Note: FDU graduation picture between Pages 150 & 151 & &

Page 92: Haley Barbour, RNC;

Page 95: Rising Tide;

Page 95: Press Secretary, CWA;

Page 96: MTV audience;

Page 97: Al Franken; Note: Picture of Al Franken between Pages 150 & 151

Page 98: MTV, Sex in the 90’s;

Page 100: Jimmy Kimmel Live, Coons “pro-masturbation” candidate;

Page 105: Syringomyelia;

Page 107: Patti Simpson;

Page 108: Saturday Night Live parody;

Page 112: Phoenix Institute, Oxford professors;

Page 115: Fellowship;

Page 130: Auto Tune of ad;

Page 138: Icon Productions The Passion of the Christ;

Page 142: The Passion of the Christ;

Page 142: Chuck Holton;

Page 146: Honor Killing/Honor Crime;

Page 149: Father John Bartunek;

Page 149: Natalia Tsarkova;

Page 150: World Education & Development Fund;

Troublemaker Pictures (between Pages 150 & 151)

5th Page: Comedian turned U.S. Senator Al Franken and me during a 1998 episode of ‘Politically Incorrect’. Backstage he told my sister and me that I was the girl you “hate to love.” Pun intended. He got over that, because by 2010 he dutifully campaigned against me for the man Harry Reid called his “pet.” & & & &

12th Page: CNN debate at University of Delaware, 2010… At this point, he [Coons] had no fewer than five public positions [on tax increases]; & &

Page 150: Wilmington Rotary Club debate; &

Page 151: Priscilla Rakestraw, party never support a pro-life candidate for statewide office; & &

Page 157: Alaska Senate race;

Page 157: 2006 grassroots results; & [curious how DE BoE doesn’t have COD?]

Page 163: Life for Lauren;

Page 166: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed; &

Page 170: Darfur Op-Ed; DARFUR RHETORIC JUST DOESN’T MAKE MILITARY SENSE, The News Journal, Wilmington DE, by Christine O’Donnell, June 9, 2007, Page A-9

Page 171: IRS Audit;

Page 172: 2008 Grassroots race;

Page 173: Biden spent $4,900,000;

Page 173: Obama taps Biden;

Page 175: Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour; Barbour Letter

Page 176: 2008 polls showing that we were closing the gap; &,_...

Page 177: Biden’s over forty-fold+ fundraising advantage [not including VP coattails];

Page 178: Most number of votes against Biden in a DE election;

Page 182: Biden did not officially resign his Senate seat until after he’d been sworn in for his seventh term on January 6, 2009; &

Page 186: Rasmussen Poll, Fall 2009;

Page 187: King RINO Castle; &

Page 189: Op-Ed on the NY-23rd Congressional District race; WHIGGED OUT REPUBLICANS, Philadelphia Bulletin, Philadelphia, PA by Christine O’Donnell, November 6, 2009

Page 190: Joanne Herring;

Page 191: Raza Bokhari;

Page 192: Mitt Romney;

Page 193: David Hust;

Page 194: Beau Biden had announced he would not run for the U.S. Senate for allowing a botched pedophile prosecution case as the DE AG; &

Page 195: But Mike Castle had voted with Democrats well over fifty percent of the time on major initiatives; &

Page 196: Pete du Pont;

Page 196: Bill Roth;,_Jr.

Page 197: Rove’s vicious attack; &

Page 197: Rove & Amnesty; &

Page 197: Rove/GOP loss of Congress, 2006;

Page 198: Rove’s Delaware meddling; &

Page 199: House sold; &

Page 200: March, 2010 campaign announcement;

Page 201: Tax Lien computer error;

Page 202: Karl Rove attacks;

Page 203: Delaware Republican Party attacks; & & & &

Page 204: Bill Maher on Larry King Live;

Page 204: CNN calls race;

Page 206: Bill Maher, HBO;

Page 207: HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher;

Page 208: Castle’s Disclose Act=a grassroots gag order; &

Page 208: The Mark Levin Show, June, 2010;

Page 210: In Delaware it takes fewer votes to win a U.S. Senate primary than it does many county council general elections; &

Page 210: The Mark Levin Show appearance donations; &

Page 211: Rasmussen Poll, July 2010;

Page 211: Death Tax;

Page 213: According to the IRS, “The purpose of this tax (death tax) is to raise revenue and redistribute wealth in order to prevent the concentration of wealth.”;

Page 214: Until late in the primary campaign most news coverage concerned only Castle & Coons; &

Page 217: Jeffrey Lord;

Page 219: Palin rock star on the Tea Party circuit;

Page 221: There are only three counties in the state (of Delaware), and in just about two hours you could drive through them all;

Page 222: Kirby & Holloway Family Restaurant;

Page 223: Neil King Jr. of The Wall Street Journal;

Page 223: It (text message while at Kirby & Holloway’s) said, Gov. Palin just endorsed you on Sean Hannity’s radio show; &

Page 224: As a matter of fact, in a Fox News interview with Carl Cameron, Mike Castle thought he was dismissing my candidacy by saying, “ She’s got no money; she’s never held office … all she has is her principles.”; &

Page 225: The Tea Party Express; & &

Page 225: Tom Ross and the Delaware GOP ended up filing a complaint against our campaign and against the Tea Party Express for illegal coordination; &

(ref. Tom Ross and Delaware GOP complaint) The complaint was dismissed almost nine months after election day; &

Page 228: Cornyn’s Counsel;

Page 231: Signs saying, “Farmers for O’Donnell” & “Honk if You Support O’Donnell”;

Page 235: O’Donnell 53, Castle 47;

Page 236: Elks Lodge victory party;

Page 237: Newsweek cover;

Page 238: Time cover;

Page 240: Mike Castle wasn’t the most gracious loser. All along he and Karl Rove had given voice to working for the good of the party;

Page 241: Obama calls Castle after defeat: &

Page 241: Romney;

Page 241: Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox & Friends; & &

Page 242: An foreign reporter introduced the phrase “the second American Revolution” to the O’Donnell campaign;

Page 242: After historic primary win, Rove attacks on Hannity; &

Page 243: Hannity TV appearance; &

Page 246: Three days after the primary, Castle finally calls to congratulate; & &

Page 246: Tom Ross slander; &

Page 246: Tom Ross abused GOP funds and authority in setting up “robo-calls” before the primary;

Page 247: DE GOP trackers;

Page 249: According to exit polls, the independent vote in the general election was fairly split between my Democratic opponent and me;

Page 251: University of Delaware/CNN Debate; & & &

Page 252: Castle-DeGette Bill;

Page 253: National Geographic;

* 2013 Update, NBC News;

Page 253: Associated Press & MSNBC; &

Page 253: Somatic cell nuclear transfer; &

Page 253: Approximately two-thirds of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware;

Page 254: Delaware Family Policy Council;

Page 255: SB5 & Rose and a Prayer; &

pAGE 255: The O’Reilly Factor, November 2007;

Page 256: Obama whoppers; & & & &

Page 256: Biden gaffes;

Page 256: Coons’ campaign ad; &

Page 256: Rasmussen Poll, July 2010;

Page 257: Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment”;

Page 257: Post-Election Appearance on The O’Reilly Factor; &

Page 263: First Amendment folly by Coons; & & & &

Page 266: Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association;

Page 271: Poland, 2010;

Page 272: Sex Trafficking;

Page 273: Humanae Vitae;

Page 280: Obama’s Chairman Mao Christmas tree ornament; &

Page 281: Oldest consistent representative democracy in the world; &,,-80426,00.html

Page 283: “We win; they lose.”; &

Page 284: “Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history…”; &

Page 285: “We of this Congress and this administration will be remembered in spite of ourselves…”;

Page 292: The Constitution framers created the concept we now call Federalism; & &

Page 296: Sebelius had it exactly 180 degrees wrong;

Page 308: Jindal’s actions in response to The Gulf oil spill; &

Page 309: It took the President over a week to even declare an emergency or visit the Gulf region; &

Page 309: Obama vulgarity he dutifully “emoted” after being chastised by Hollywood director Spike Lee; &

Oval Office address… bullying America into a national energy tax;

Page 310: The housing bubble started with Democratic policies forcing banks to make bad loans; & &

Page 310: Some Republican lawmakers earnestly tried to seek Fannie and Freddie reform; &

Page 311: When either party establishes pro-growth policies, recessions are short and minimally damaging; & &

Page 313: NIH plan to spend $2.5 million of that stimulus money to teach prostitutes in China how to drink responsibly;

Page 314: Obama sues Arizona in federal court for trying to help ICE enforce the border; & & &

Page 314: Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address included this nugget: “Because you deserve to know exactly how and where your tax dollars are being spent, you’ll be able to go to a Web site and get that information for the very first time in history.” Actually, the very first time that happened in history was in 2006, when the Coburn-Obama Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act was signed by President Bush and implemented shortly thereafter in the form of the groundbreaking new Web site;

Page 315: In 2008 Obama claimed to oppose the Iraq War and the successful surge; &

Page 316: Obama pro-surge in Iraq; &

Page 316: Obama flip-flops on Guantanamo Bay; & &

Individual mandate waffle; &

Page 317: Presidential promise for plug-ins;

Page 317: Peace Corps/after school promises broken; & & &

Page 317: NASA promises broken; & &

Page 318: Promised to put the health care meetings and debate on C-SPAN. He didn’t; &

Page 318: Promised to include Republican ideas. He didn’t;

Page 318: Promised to allow five days of public comment before signing bills; &

Page 318: Promised that you could keep your insurance plan if you liked it. But the bill allows employers (through whom most Americans have coverage) to dump all their employees into the government insurance market; & & &

Page 318: Provided more than two thousand exemptions from the law; &

Page 318: Falsely promised that the bill would lower the deficit; & &

Page 318: Promised that insurance premiums would go down. They have gone up dramatically; & &

Page 318: He promised (in writing, in an executive order!) that abortions would not be funded by taxpayers under the law. Now exposed in painstaking legal detail exactly how taxpayer-funded abortions will be dramatically expanded and even mandated under the law; &

Page 318: ObamaCare tax for not purchasing health insurance; & &

Page 319: Mishandled democratic uprising in Iran; & &

Page 320: Failed to support Israel’s defense of its borders when challenged by Gaza blockade runners; &

Page 322: Clinton tried to warn us that Obama wasn’t ready for the grave phone call at three A.M., she was right;

Page 322: When Biden told us that Obama wasn’t ready and would require “on-the-job” training,” he was right;

Page 322: When Obama himself protested in 2006 that he wasn’t going to run for president because that job required more experience than he had, he was right;

Page 326: Freedom is a light for which many me have died in darkness; &

Page 330: Just as our Founders had Committees of Correspondence leading up to the American Revolution, we should do the same in this Second American Revolution; &

Page 331: Letters to the Editor page;

Page 334: Rick Green;

Page 335: Torch of Freedom Foundation, Heritage Alliance, and other organizations offer educational resources; &

Page 338: Nathanael Greene;

Page 339: Rise above smears; & &

Page 340: Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington (CREW) attacks; & &

Page 341: Their complaint relies on the false affidavit of one man, David Keegan; Abbott Letter to AG Biden

Page 341: According to CREW’s own fund-raising emails, the purpose of their actions was to stop me from getting elected;

Page 341: Because CREW needed a Delaware citizen to officially file the FEC complaint, their executive director, Melanie Sloan (a former Biden staffer) turned to her father, who just so happens to have been a major donor to both Joe Biden and Tom Carper’s U.S. Senate campaigns;

Page 342: CREW’s gone after Republicans for (alleged) influence peddling, but never raised any questions about Vice President Biden, whose son raked in huge consulting fees while his father peddled legislation that directly benefited his son’s lobbying clients; & &

Page 343: There is reason to believe that Melanie Sloan and CREW were well aware that their complaint was supported by a false affidavit. Keegan even suggested as much to a reporter in 2011;

Page 343: Fewer women are running for office because of the nasty process; CREW Investigation Letter

Page 344: CNN reported this (townhouse was transformed into a bustling office), panning their camera around the room to show that the house had very much been morphed into an office;

Page 345: The real story is that I paid rent to the campaign (not the other way around) in order to use that address as my legal residence. In 2008, our campaign office and my home were broken into; & &

Page 345: I’m fighting back not for myself but for every candidate or group that CREW wrongly attacks – &

News Release DELAWARE 2010 ELECTION RESULTS EXPLAINED DEMOCRATS MASSIVE VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE SWAMPS REPUBLICAN PARTY FAILURES WILMINGTON, DELAWARE (November 22, 2010) -- Recently released voter registration statistics have now largely answered a lively debate within Delaware's Republican party about the reasons for Republican losses on November 2, 2010.

Exit polling (noted below) proves Mike Castle would likely have lost the 2010 election if chosen as the GOP nominee for U.S. Meanwhile, Republican candidates for all offices in Delaware faced a fundamentally more hostile electorate in 2010 than ever existed in past years (

Democrats added 29,650 voters -- a staggering 11% increase -- from 2008 to 2010 in a highly-aggressive voter registration drive by the Democrat Party of Delaware.

2010 election results for all Delaware offices may be largely explained by the failures of the Delaware and national Republican party to engage in party-building and voter registration, compared to an aggressive and effective party-building operation by Democrats.

Known as "the First State" for ratifying the US Constitution first, Delaware is nevertheless a lightly-populated, mostly agricultural oasis. Only 305,716 votes were cast for US Senate in Delaware. Therefore, the 29,650 increase in Democrat voter registration represents almost 10% of all votes cast for US Senate. It may be assumed that newly-registered voters are likely to vote.

Total registered Democrat voters in 2008 were only 264,167 voters for the entire State of Delaware. Democrats managed to increase total Democrat registered voters by 29,650 -- an astonishing 11% increase -- to 293,817 Democrat voters registered for the 2010 elections.

Increases in Democrat voter registrations did NOT come (on net) from Republicans switching parties. The Democrat Party aggressively registered new, first-time voters.

During the same period from 2008 to 2010, Republican registered voters increased by 4,153, and "Others" increased by 10,516. Therefore, the Democrats 29,650 voter increase does not represent (on net) Republicans switching to Democrats, but represents entirely new voters who had not previously voted in Delaware elections.

By comparison, Democrats showed a similar successful drive in prior years. Democrats increased registration from 2007 to 2008 by 14,451, while Republican increased registration from 2007 to 2008 by only 1,389, and "Others" increased by 1,286 voters.

Voter registration totals from 2010:

Voter registration totals from 2008:

Published data runs from July 1, 2008 to October 21, 2010, and does not distinguish between the last months of Obama's presidential election campaign from the subsequent two years from 2008 to 2010. However, the 2010 GOP nominee would still face a more Democrat electorate than at any time in decades.

  Christine O’Donnell (R) Chris Coons (D) Some Other Candidate Not Sure
July 12, 2010                    41%           39%                   7%     12%

Even the NRSC resorted to Thug Politics before the primary, as Neil King, Jr. of The Wall Steet Journal reported ( - "The National Republican Senatorial Committee is also piling on, briefing reporters on negative aspects of O’Donnell’s record.").

According to CNN on election night November 2, 2010: “despite pre-election polls that showed longtime Republican Rep. Mike Castle handily beating Coons in a hypothetical match-up, the voters who turned out today said they would still have sent Coons to Washington over Castle, backing him 44-43 percent.”

“Exit Polls: the surprise in Delaware,” by CNN’s Rebecca Sinderbrand, Novmeber 2, 2010.

O’Donnell would have won the election over Democrat Chris Coons had the votes been cast on July 12, 2010. Before GOP insiders launched the most vicious attacks, O’Donnell was leading over Democrat Chris Coons by 41% to 39% in a Rasmussen opinion survey.

Exit polls reveal: only 81% of Republicans voting supported the GOP nominee. Thus, Republican refusal to unite behind the party’s choice was a major factor in the election ( Exit polls reveal that O’Donnell and Coons split the Independent-Other vote within the margin of error. This is clearly critical, as Rasmussen showed O’Donnell had a significant advantage with Independents.

National Republicans sought to make the election a referendum on President Obama. In other states, disapproval of Pres. Obama led to Republican victories. However, in Delaware, exit polls show that 57% of Delaware voters still support Obama and exactly the same 57% voted for Democrat candidate Chris Coons for U.S. Senate. This indicates that Democrats were motivated to turn out to support Democrat Barack Obama. Actual election results demonstrate that O’Donnell actually improved Republican voter turn-out, but had no noticeable effect on Democrat voter turn-out.

Even the New York Times Frank Rich on the Left & CNN-Redstate's Erick Erickson on the Right agree that O'Donnell's candidacy took the brunt of the media's focus away from other races, and allowed the GOP to pick-up seats where other candidates may have withered under more glaring focus.

On the Battle Between Midgets vs. Tigers

Posted by Redstate-CNN's Erick Erickson (Profile) - Tuesday, October 12th at 5:00AM EDT

“When the book is written on Election 2010, the media will mock the O’Donnell candidacy, but whether she wins or loses she will be a hero in my book.”

In the battle between midgets versus tigers, the midgets can win. But a few of the midgets must sacrifice themselves to distract the tigers.

First of all, yes, yes I know it should be midgets versus lions, but that is an internet hoax, this is very real, and I’m an LSU fan.

This is precisely what is happening in the battle between the tea party and the establishment. The establishment controls the major party machines, the media, the fundraising tools, etc. The tea party is not in a fight against the Democrats or Republicans, but the establishment, which has grown out of touch with the people and is destroying the country. Democrat and Republican alike, the leadership of each is terrible and given voice by a media that is largely incapable of relating to the concerns of a group labeled fringe yet driving the election.

The tea partiers are the midgets. The establishment politicians and media are the tigers.

In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell is the midget sacrificing herself to the tiger of the mainstream media and establishment.

The odds are stacked against Christine O’Donnell. Thanks to the industriousness of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senate GOP Leadership, the Delaware GOP Leadership, and the assorted pundits, journalists, and other talking heads on TV and in print, Christine O’Donnell is really taking one for the team and will likely not make it past the tigers.

But because of Christine O’Donnell’s willing sacrifice, the tigers are distracted. With only about twenty-two days left, the tigers are just now trying to refocus on Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson. Meanwhile, for the past five weeks or so, these candidates have built up leads or drawn even with their opponents.

While the tigers have been taking out Christine O’Donnell, these candidates have surrounded the tigers and are preparing to slay the beasts.

Shame on all those who do that. When the book is written on Election 2010, the media will mock the O’Donnell candidacy, but whether she wins or loses she will be a hero in my book. But for her, neither Sharron Angle nor Ken Buck nor Mike Lee nor Joe Miller nor Marco Rubio nor Rand Paul nor Pat Toomey nor Ron Johnson would have had as strong a chance of winning in this last month before the general election.

Christine O’Donnell, willingly or not, has stood firm in the face of the media and establishment onslaught and distracted them all. And only now, with twenty-two days left, are the media and establishment turning, in terror, to realize how close the midgets are to slaying the tigers.

Do not insult or belittle Christine O’Donnell here at RedState. Because of her, even if she cannot win, she has distracted the tigers long enough so that others can win. She is owed our thanks.

By FRANK RICH, October 2, 2010: “…O’Donnell is particularly needed now because most of the other Republican Tea Party standard-bearers lack genuine antigovernment or proletarian cred. O’Donnell, like Palin, knows that attacks by those elites, including conservative grandees, only backfire and enhance her image as a feisty defender of the aggrieved and resentful Joe Plumbers in ‘real America.’

The more O’Donnell is vilified, the bigger the star she becomes, and the more she can reinforce the Tea Party’s preferred narrative as “a spontaneous and quite anarchic movement” (in the recent words of the pundit Charles Krauthammer) populated only by everyday folk upset by big government and the deficit… “ – “TaxMan” E-Campaign Ad – “Rubberstampman” E-Campaign Ad – “Kathie’s Story” E-Campaign Ad – “Delawareans” E-Campaign Ad – “Episode1” E-Campaign Ad – “Episode2” E-Campaign Ad – “Episode3” E-Campaign Ad – “TaxMan” TV Campaign Ad – “What I’m Made Of” TV Campaign Ad – “Michael” TV Campaign Ad – “Principles” TV Campaign Ad – “I’m You” TV Campaign Ad – SCF Commercial - Christine on Hannity (1) - Christine on Hannity (2)