More B.S. From the Oval Office

More B.S. From the Oval Office

March 15, 2012
Christine O'Donnell

It’s hard to stay a step ahead when you’re busy catching up. Unfortunately, that might be the motto we face if President Obama gets away with campaigning from the Oval Office while we duke it out for a Presidential Nominee.

You and I must start working RIGHT NOW to defeat President Obama, and part of this is to expose the lies and deception he spews from his presidential pulpit.

Obama’s Lie du Jour: There is nothing he can do, other than drill, to lower gas prices – LIE!

If I were a betting woman, I’d make the following bet with President Obama - and if any Dem takes the wager, I’ll become a betting woman!

In a childish, unpresidential tone, President Obama mocked Republicans saying we have a three point plan for bringing down gas prices; drill, drill, drill.

I’m challenging Pres. Obama or Any Democrat with the guts to take this wager…

If I can come up with a three point plan for lowering gas prices that does not even mention drilling, you (the Democrat) have to make a maximum contribution to the candidate of my choice.

If I can’t come up with such a plan, I will personally give a maximum contribution to the campaign of your choice.

Why would I risk having to contribute to Debbie Wasserman or Nancy Pelosi’s Reelection?!

Well, any poker player knows the answer… I have a strong hand. I know I can come up with a three point plan for lowering gas prices that does not mention the word "drill". I can come up with a plan that does not have anything to do with the economically sound move of drilling our own national resources … a move that would also strengthen our national security. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist getting that in there!)

So here’s my plan:

OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) sets oil prices based on the U.S. dollar. Oil is traded in that currency as well. As our currency is devalued, the price of oil goes up. Economics 101 tells us what to do:

1. Cut government spending… drastically

2. Start paying down the debt and don’t raise the debt ceiling, at least not without serious measures to tackle the debt.

3. Balance the budget and reduce the deficit immediately.

Bottom-line: Serious steps towards economic stability will strengthen the dollar. When the dollar grows stronger, gas prices will go down!!!

Pres. Obama is either flat out lying when he says there is nothing he can do to lower gas prices other than drilling, or he doesn’t understand how gas prices are set or how our economy works.

The election may have made Barack Obama President, but it didn’t make him Presidential.

What can you do with this tid-bit of knowledge?

YOU can interject this truth into the course of public debate. Remind people that President Obama is directly to blame for sky rocketing gas prices because he has destroyed the value of the dollar!!

Middle class Americans pay the price for Obama’s failed policies… literally.

1. Tweet, Facebook and call out the Democrats on their lie! This administration destroyed the value of our dollar and that is directly to blame for rising gas prices. And you and I foot the bill for their deception every time we fill up our cars.

2. Do we have any economic junkies among us? Want to crunch some numbers to see by how much we’d need to strengthen the dollar in order to get gas prices back under $3? Want to chart the decline of the dollar with the rise of gas prices? I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with.

3. Call into talk radio shows, write a letter to the editor… remind voters that President Obama is lying when he says there is nothing he can do about gas prices other than drill! Remind the voters that as President Obama destroys our economy, the dollar is weakened and oil prices go up.

Together, you and I can start to unite around one effort… making sure President Obama is a one term president!

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