November 30, 2014
Read Christine’s latest Washington Times column: window.location=""; READ MORE »
March 11, 2014
Former Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell on Sen. Mitch McConnell’s recent comments on the Tea Party.   Cavuto, FOX Business - March 10, 2014   Watch the appearance at: . READ MORE »
March 10, 2014
By Amy Payne, Heritage Foundation/The Foundry - March 8, 2014 It’s time to go on the offense against the IRS for its targeting of conservatives, said Christine O’Donnell at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday. “This throws a stake right into the heart of our freedom,” the former Senate candidate said of the IRS scandal... READ MORE »
March 7, 2014
By Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times - Thursday, March 6, 2014 Christine O'Donnell has weathered political strife, media mockery and IRS scrutiny with a resolute smile and a tactical agenda. And she’s not done yet.   Fresh from an academic speaking engagement at Oxford University, poised to write a regular column and... READ MORE »
My IRS tax records were breached, misused against me -- and it can happen to you, too!
March 5, 2014
Christine O’Donnell
By Christine O'Donnell on - Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Lois Lerner’s appearance on Capitol Hill this week reminds us that, to date, she has become the face of the IRS stonewall: the refusal to tell the American people the truth about the agency’s targeting of groups and individuals as part of a political persecution of conservatives... READ MORE »
O'Donnell Targeted by the IRS
March 2, 2014
Christine O’Donnell
Whether Democrat or Republican, do you really want your private tax information leaked with impunity? On March 9, 2010, around 10 a.m., I announced my plans to run for senate representing Delaware. Later that same day, my office received a call from a reporter asking about my taxes. It’s since come out, after a halting and unenthusiastic... READ MORE »
March 2, 2014
By Gayle Trotter, The Daily Caller, Op-Ed - Friday, February 28, 2014 Citizens who flout the Internal Revenue Service face the prospect of jail, but when the IRS flouts the law, it’s business as usual. The case of Christine O’Donnell, former Delaware candidate for U.S. senator, highlights the continuing abuses by the sprawling agency charged with... READ MORE »
February 3, 2014
New York Post - Monday, February 3, 2014 In a pre-game interview with Bill O’Reilly, Obama also had trouble moving the ball past the line of scrimmage — especially when O’Reilly brought up the IRS scandal. In response, Obama didn’t even blame rogue agents. He blamed Fox News for keeping the story going... Christine O’Donnell is a Tea Party... READ MORE »
January 28, 2014
Editorial, Investor's Business Daily - Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Law: The IRS is stonewalling two congressional committees over new evidence it illegally targeted dissidents, this time citing employee confidentiality. If this means zero accountability for abuse of power, it's time for new laws. Christine O'Donnell, a Tea Party candidate from a few... READ MORE »
January 27, 2014
By Ben Wolfgang - The Washington Times, Sunday, January 26, 2014 Powerful committees in both chambers of Congress now want answers to questions surrounding Christine O'Donnell's personal tax records and whether the Delaware Republican's private information was illegally accessed and ultimately used in an effort to derail her 2010 U.S. Senate bid... READ MORE »

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