July 27, 2011
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July 25, 2011
Christine O'Donnell and her lawyer Richard Abbott have asked the U.S. Attorney for Delaware and the Department of Justice to commence an investigation and undertake any appropriate prosecution of the head of the ultra-liberal, George Soros financed, former Biden staffer run CREW and it's head Melanie Sloan for potential violations of Federal law.... READ MORE »
July 16, 2011
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Brian Jones DATE: July 16, 2011 / 703-535-3390 CREW Complaint Against Christine O'Donnell Dismissed by Delaware U.S. Attorney "I write to inform you that [the U.S. Attorney's Office] has closed its review and does not intend to pursue criminal charges...." - Charles M. Oberly, III, United... READ MORE »
Join Rick in a Constitutional Seminar - July 8th and 9th
June 29, 2011
Rick Green, co-host of the national radio program “WallBuilders Live!” with David Barton (heard on more than 200 stations across America) will be here in Newark, DE to bring us the CONSTITUTION ALIVE SEMINAR. This is your opportunity to see the vision of our country’s forefathers come alive! All citizens need a full understanding of the rights... READ MORE »
June 23, 2011
By Reid J. Epstein, Politico
Former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell emailed supporters Tuesday to tout her forthcoming memoir, which she dubbed “the real, raw story of my life,” according to CNN. The book, titled “Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again,” is due out Aug. 16 from St. Martin’s Press. O’Donnell, a Tea Party-backed underdog... READ MORE »
June 9, 2011
By Hillary Busis, Mediaite
Though Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell will, in all likelihood, be denied the title of senator tonight, Yahoo News reports that she’s already been won a different honorific: the designation of 2010’s Most Covered Candidate. Michael Calderone writes that Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has discovered that in the past few months, O’Donnell... READ MORE »
June 8, 2011
By Jesse Holcomb, PEJ News
The surprise victory of a tea party-backed candidate in Delaware’s Republican Senate primary fueled the biggest week yet for coverage of the 2010 midterm elections. Christine O’Donnell’s September 14 upset over nine-term Congressman Mike Castle pushed the midterm elections to the top of the news agenda, where it filled 30% of the newshole during... READ MORE »
May 22, 2011
By Jennifer Epstein, Politico
Former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell says the Federal Election Commission has dropped a campaign finance complaint filed against her last year by the state Republican Party. O’Donnell’s attorney, Cleta Mitchell, of the Washington law firm Foley & Lardner, told POLITICO that she received a letter from the FEC on Wednesday,... READ MORE »
May 12, 2011
By Chad Livengood, Delaware Online
DOVER -- Federal officials apparently have dismissed a Delaware Republican Party complaint that a California-based group illegally assisted Christine O'Donnell's victory over former U.S. Rep. Mike Castle in the September 2010 Republican U.S. Senate primary. O'Donnell's attorney said Thursday that the Federal Election Commission sent her a letter... READ MORE »
April 17, 2011
Sean Hannity, The Great American Blog
TROUBLEMAKER: Let’s Do What it Takes to Make America Great Again by Christine O’Donnell will go on sales nationwide on August 16, 2011. In her book, O’Donnell will give voice to the quiet anger in America today: where it comes from, what it’s asking for, and where it’s going from here. From the moment she upset a heavily-favored incumbent in the... READ MORE »

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