O’Donnell’s PAC Takes Aim at Soros-Front Group CREW

O’Donnell’s PAC Takes Aim at Soros-Front Group CREW

September 30, 2011

O’Donnell’s PAC Takes Aim at Soros-Front Group CREW New Website and Video Expose CREW’S Illegal, Partisan Agenda Just in Time for the 2012 Election Cycle

Wilmington, DE—Today ChristinePAC, the Political Action Committee started by Christine O’Donnell, launched, a powerful, new website along with a compelling 90-second video at as part of its ongoing effort to stop Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s (CREW) illegal attempt to bury Republican candidates with bogus legal claims. This effort comes right before the 2012 Election Cycle heats up and more good candidates are unjustly attacked. “CREW cannot enter the 2012 election cycle getting away with wasting tax payer money on fraudulent claims,” Christine O’Donnell explained the reason for launching this project this fall.

ChristinePAC has led the charge to strip CREW of its tax exempt charitable status for engaging in partisan political activities in violation of federal law. ChristinePAC has also called for a criminal investigation of CREW’s Executive Director Melanie Sloan for knowingly filing a false federal claim against Ms. O’Donnell just days after she won the 2010 primary election. The U.S. Attorney’s office ultimately dismissed Sloan’s claim as the politically motivated nonsense it was. Now O’Donnell is fighting back to help prevent this from happening to other candidates as the next election cycle heats up.

“As we enter the 2012 election cycle, CREW’s illegal, partisan activity must be stopped so that good candidates are not harassed by the group’s misuse and abuse of the justice system," said Christine O’Donnell. “CREW attacks conservatives in an effort to bury them in legal fees and malign their character while it blatantly turns a blind eye to corrupt actions of liberal Democrats, such as those of indicted Democrat John Edwards' nearly $1 million campaign fraud, cover-up and lying.”

O’Donnell continued, “I’m confident that when the authorities and the public review the mountain of evidence we’ve presented in our counter claim and in the new video, they will see that it corroborates our claim that CREW is nothing more than a front group for an ultra-liberal socialist, political agenda, and is not a so-called charitable organization.”

To view the video in its entirety, please visit Transcripts are available.

ChristinePAC is committed to values that strengthen our country as a whole and to empowering every-day Americans to become more involved in the political process. It seeks to do this through voter education, in which voters learn more about the engaging in the election process, preventing voter fraud, and how to harness the great responsibility we have as Americans to vote for the leaders of our country.

For further information, please contact Dan Wilson with Shirley & Banister Public Affairs at (703) 739-5920 or (800) 536-5920.

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