ChristinePAC Mission:

ChristinePAC is committed to values that strengthen our country as a whole and to empowering Americans to become more involved in the political process.

  • ChristinePAC seeks to empower Americans through voter education, in which voters learn more about the election process, voter fraud, and how to harness the great responsibility we have as Americans to vote for the leaders of our country.
  • ChristinePAC is also devoted to supporting our country's troops and especially securing their well-being after they have returned home. Those soldiers who are wounded during their service to our country often come back with not only physical but emotional scars that require healing. We believe that our support of them and their families is the least we can do in return for their heroic service to America.
  • ChristinePAC also makes it a priority to educate Americans about the death tax and how it harms families. The death tax should be eliminated completely in order to prevent the government from taking advantage of the deceased and their families.
  • ChristinePAC is also committed to pursuing a full repeal of ObamaCare and returning to American families entire control of their health care.

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