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The 2010 candidate for Senate—and established political “troublemaker”—voices the quiet anger in America today: where it comes from, what it’s asking for, and where it’s going from here.

From the moment she upset a heavily-favored incumbent in the primary for the special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Joe Biden, Christine O’Donnell made headlines. Though she didn't win the general election, O’Donnell did win the designation of 2010’s Most Covered Candidate. And what people were talking about wasn't just gossip: they responded to a fresh, unencumbered voice that appealed to voter frustration with politics—and politicians—as usual.

America’s strength lies in its government “by the people, for the people”, but too many of those people feel they are now just labeled featureless residents of “flyover country”, told what to think and what they can and cannot do by an entrenched, reigning class of elites. O’Donnell’s candidacy gave hope that the voices of real people—the people—not only can be heard but can also become a force. Part of this hope is invested in the nascent Tea Party, but most of it is invested in individual voters who are willing to work hard and make sacrifices for what they believe in, not what backroom dealing and a bloated federal government has mandated is good for them.

Mark Levin; "This is a fascinating/very motivating book; there's a lot of intrigue in it... If you really want to read what is an inspiring book, it's Troublemaker by Christine O'Donnell."

Sean Hannity; "It's amazing though... because the impact of you troublemakers... like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul and others are having is really profound."

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator; "THERE ARE OTHER JUICY STORIES in this book, which is a great personal and political tale. Troublemaker is a real-life Davida and Goliath story... Christine O'Donnell is an exceptionally bright and accomplished woman."

Rush Limbaugh; "Christine O'Donnell has moved the Conservative ball forward.” proving “Outsiders are not packaged by insiders."

Larry Kudlow; “This is a story bigger than Christine O’Donnell. This is a national story about the fate of the Tea Party…”

Erick Erickson; "When the book is written on Election 2010, the media will mock the O’Donnell candidacy, but whether she wins or loses, she will be a hero in my book.”

Frank Pinizzotto, former President of Democrats for McCain-Palin; ”The book was remarkable to me because of what this woman has accomplished. She has done more, and tried to do more, in the first 20+ years of her adult life than most of people I know – most of whom are in their 60’s – and like me getting ready to collect social security. As I mentioned above, she is a giver, not a taker, and one very happy person. Ever notice how selfish people are unhappy, yet some people, regardless of their status in life – that have a caring attitude, that think each day … what can I do for someone – are happy. She is one of the happy ones.”

  • The Washington Times
  • Red State
  • The National Catholic Register
  • The American Spectator
  • The Mark Levin Show
  • Hannity on FOX News
  • The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News
  • On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on FOX News
  • TEA Party Power Hour Radio by Mark Gillar

Troublemaker is about where O’Donnell comes from—the Philadelphia suburbs with five kids to a room—and what she weathered in the 2010 election. But the core of the book is a clear, straightforward discussion of an America that yearns to embrace freedom and opportunity through personal responsibility, and how it is hamstrung and stymied by excessive regulation, taxation, and the sanctimony of a “nanny state.” And Troublemaker will deliver an important, rousing message about what we do with the quiet anger in America today: where we can go, and how strong we can be, from here. Warning readers that challenging the status quo makes the political establishment push back, O'Donnell wants to build a movement that will continue to goad it.

It's practical, too, since O'Donnell believes in power through participation: it's not enough to grumble about how things are going; pitch in and try to change things if you care. O'Donnell details how she participated by running for high office as an everywoman, but also shows how attending town council meetings, organizing a petition drive, making an effort to meet a staffer in your local representative's office, or simply reading the minutes from your community board can make a difference.

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  • Hardcover: 358 pages
  • Edition: Autographed & Numbered First Edition (Hardcover)
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  • ISBN-13: 9780312643058

Christine Counters

Christine O’Donnell had to endure being falsely slandered and libeled by entities on both the left and establishment right, but most notably by the ultra-liberal, Soros financed, former Biden staffer run CREW ( & for being "criminal" despite the fact that Melanie Sloan knowingly and illegally filed a perjured affidavit that the complaint was solely based on. This resulted in not only a frivolous complaint to the Federal Election Commission, but also wasted $ix-figures+ of taxpayer monies with an FBI and U.S. Attorney investigation that ended up fully exonerating Christine... ten months after the media storm of “presumed guilty until proven innocent” had occurred.

Please read more about her side of the story below and from her book that can be ordered from , which has a virtual index at Thank you for your time and consideration!

Rich Abbott, Esq. & former New Castle County Councilman with Chris Coons, Nov.10, 2010

...Then after Castle lost in mid-September, he engaged in a 6-week public fit of selfish behavior which the liberal News Journal played up to help paint the Republican U.S. Senate nominee as extreme, all the while failing to mention that Chris Coons was a “Traditional Tax & Spend Liberal” who would vote 100% with Obama. So rather than focusing on the issues of the day, the race was transformed by Castle and The News Journal into a superficial personality profile comparison, enabling left-wing Coons to escape substantive voter scrutiny and thereby waltz into office a la Obama circa 2008…

BEFORE the DE GOP Primary, Cornyn told a Congressional Quarterly reporter that Democrats would keep control of the Senate through 2012, when Democrats have to defend a lot more seats than the GOP.

…Yet, Cornyn told CQ he doesn’t think Republicans will win enough seats to give them a majority - and the ability to stop President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion agenda - until the 2012 presidential elections…

…Instead of pouting, Republican leaders in Delaware and around the country need to unite around the nominee, who was chosen by the Republicans in Delaware. Had Castle won the nomination, they would have demanded unity themselves, and rightly so. If they want to continue to issue snarky, anonymous asides and in essence take their ball and go home, don’t expect the electorate to follow them into battle in the future. Rarely have I seen such childishness from the supposed leaders of a political establishment, who set the very rules and customs they now want to ignore because they just got embarrassed on a national stage.

Grow up, shut up, and get to work.

It ALL came down to voter enrollment, which is the Political Science as to WHY with O'Donnell-Coons OR Castle-Coons splitting the CNN election day polling, all because the liberal GOP leadership under removed DE-GOP Chairman Tom Ross, ousted four decade RNC Committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw, and retired Rep. Mike Castle incompetently destroyed the competitive advantage that Delaware Republicans had during the Gov. Pete du Pont & Sen. Bill Roth leadership prior to 1995! Remember, Rubio did not get over 50% in his 3-way win in FL, and it may have been a far different race if self-funding, fiscally conservative Greene had beaten liberal Meeks in the FL Dem.Primary and there was no Crist in the mix.

The establishment's argument against Christine is flawed because it doesn't qualify the exit polling FACTS by CNN and others that Castle wouldn't have won either and the DE-Dems have a vastly superior enrollment which has GROWN exponentially (now a 100,000+ advantage in the last decade) mostly in New Castle County (Delaware only has two other counties - Kent & Sussex)!



*Rasmussen Polls: According to Rasmussen in July of 2010, O'Donnell had officially debunked the myth that she cannot win in November, as this was done prior to the unprecedented and shameless assault by the Castle campaign and the DE GOP in her wide-margin primary win. This coincides well with a September 30, 2009 Rasmussen Poll which had Christine with a 2-1 advantage with Independents against then assumed nominee Beau Biden.


Christine O’Donnell (R)

Chris Coons (D)

Some Other Candidate

Not Sure

July 12, 2010





Even the NRSC resorted to Thug Politics before the primary, as Neil King, Jr. of the Wall Steet Journal reported ( - "The National Republican Senatorial Committee is also piling on, briefing reporters on negative aspects of O’Donnell’s record.") to salvage their sinking ship.
As a proven vote-getter with a solid foundation of voter identification and name recognition, Chrisitne’s potential candidacy tested extremely well in a Rasmussen Report Poll in the Fall of 2009 against then assumed Dem. nominee Beau Biden, garnering 40% to Biden’s iconic name recognition of 49% (almost 10% undecided), with 71% support amongst Republicans and a 2-1 edge among Independents. Delaware voters also trend higher in dissatisfaction with the federal deficit and the state of the national economy.

• According to CNN on election night November 2, 2010: “despite pre-election polls that showed longtime Republican Rep. Mike Castle handily beating Coons in a hypothetical match-up, the voters who turned out today said they would still have sent Coons to Washington over Castle, backing him 44-43 percent.”

“Exit Polls: the surprise in Delaware,” by CNN’s Rebecca Sinderbrand, Novmeber 2, 2010.

• O’Donnell would have won the election over Democrat Chris Coons had the votes been cast on July 12, 2010. Before GOP insiders launched the most vicious attacks, O’Donnell was leading over Democrat Chris Coons by 41% to 39% in a Rasmussen opinion survey.

• Exit polls reveal: only 81% of Republicans voting supported the GOP nominee. Thus, Republican refusal to unite behind the party’s choice was a major factor in the election.

• Exit polls reveal that O’Donnell and Coons split the Independent-Other vote.

• National Republicans sought to make the election a referendum on President Obama. In other states, disapproval of Pres. Obama led to Republican victories. However, in Delaware, exit polls show that 57% of Delaware voters still support Obama and roughly the same 56% voted for Democrat candidate Chris Coons for U.S. Senate. This indicates that Democrats were motivated to turn out to support Democrat Barack Obama. Actual election results demonstrate that O’Donnell actually improved Republican voter turn-out, but had no noticeable effect on Democrat voter turn-out. It should be noted that O'Donnell also set a Republican record of votes received against Joe Biden in 2008 despite being outspent essentially 50-1 (~$5 Million to ~$100,000), which could be argued as 100-1 with his V.P. in-kinds coupled with all the free P.R. from Gannett’s statewide newspaper The News Journal (which also waited until two months after the 2010 election to expose that New Castle County was going bankrupt under then County Executive Coons’ leadership).

Obama Calls Mike Castle After GOP Primary Loss, Says Senior Administration Official

LIZ SIDOTI | 09/17/10 12:40 PM | AP

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has reached out to longtime Republican Rep. Mike Castle after his upset loss to a tea party-backed candidate in Delaware's Senate primary.

A senior administration official says Obama thanked Castle for his service during nine terms in the House. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a private conversation.

Castle was the choice of the GOP establishment for the U.S. Senate seat once held by Vice President Joe Biden. He lost this week to tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell. Many analysts believe that gives Democrat Chris Coons a much better shot at winning the Nov. 2 election.

Biden was traveling to Delaware Friday afternoon to join Coons in rallying volunteers.

Hmmm: What did Mike Castle talk about with Obama and Biden last night?

By Michelle Malkin • September 15, 2010 11:37 PM

It’s been 24 hours since Delaware GOP Senate primary winner Christine O’Donnell dethroned nine-term Soros Republican incumbent Mike Castle. As of tonight, he still hadn’t placed an obligatory call to congratulate her — and his e-mail to supporters doesn’t mention her at all, according to the Delaware News Journal.

Even more intriguingly, the paper tweets that Castle’s lines of communication worked quite smoothly when he took calls from…President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden last night:

Does this White House see Castle as their newly adopted “pet?”

Leave your best guesses about their conversations.

Even the New York Times Frank Rich on the Left & CNN's Erick Erickson on the Right agree that O'Donnell's candidacy took the brunt of the media's focus away from other races, and allowed the GOP to pick-up seats where other candidates may have withered under more glaring focus.

On the Battle Between Midgets vs. Tigers

Posted by Erick Erickson - Tuesday, October 12th

“When the book is written on Election 2010, the media will mock the O’Donnell candidacy, but whether she wins or loses she will be a hero in my book.

In the battle between midgets versus tigers, the midgets can win. But a few of the midgets must sacrifice themselves to distract the tigers.

First of all, yes, yes I know it should be midgets versus lions, but that is an internet hoax, this is very real, and I’m an LSU fan.

This is precisely what is happening in the battle between the tea party and the establishment. The establishment controls the major party machines, the media, the fundraising tools, etc. The tea party is not in a fight against the Democrats or Republicans, but the establishment, which has grown out of touch with the people and is destroying the country. Democrat and Republican alike, the leadership of each is terrible and given voice by a media that is largely incapable of relating to the concerns of a group labeled fringe yet driving the election.

The tea partiers are the midgets. The establishment politicians and media are the tigers.

In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell is the midget sacrificing herself to the tiger of the mainstream media and establishment.

The odds are stacked against Christine O’Donnell. Thanks to the industriousness of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senate GOP Leadership, the Delaware GOP Leadership, and the assorted pundits, journalists, and other talking heads on TV and in print, Christine O’Donnell is really taking one for the team and will likely not make it past the tigers.

But because of Christine O’Donnell’s willing sacrifice, the tigers are distracted. With only about twenty-two days left, the tigers are just now trying to refocus on Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson. Meanwhile, for the past five weeks or so, these candidates have built up leads or drawn even with their opponents.

While the tigers have been taking out Christine O’Donnell, these candidates have surrounded the tigers and are preparing to slay the beasts.

Shame on all those who do that. When the book is written on Election 2010, the media will mock the O’Donnell candidacy, but whether she wins or loses she will be a hero in my book. But for her, neither Sharron Angle nor Ken Buck nor Mike Lee nor Joe Miller nor Marco Rubio nor Rand Paul nor Pat Toomey nor Ron Johnson would have had as strong a chance of winning in this last month before the general election.

Christine O’Donnell, willingly or not, has stood firm in the face of the media and establishment onslaught and distracted them all. And only now, with twenty-two days left, are the media and establishment turning, in terror, to realize how close the midgets are to slaying the tigers.

Do not insult or belittle Christine O’Donnell here at RedState. Because of her, even if she cannot win, she has distracted the tigers long enough so that others can win. She is owed our thanks.

By FRANK RICH - October 2, 2010

Yet those laughing now may not have the last laugh in November. O’Donnell’s timely ascent in the election season’s final lap may well prove a godsend for the G.O.P.

O’Donnell is particularly needed now because most of the other Republican Tea Party standard-bearers lack genuine antigovernment or proletarian cred. O’Donnell, like Palin, knows that attacks by those elites, including conservative grandees, only backfire and enhance her image as a feisty defender of the aggrieved and resentful Joe Plumbers in “real America.”

The more O’Donnell is vilified, the bigger the star she becomes, and the more she can reinforce the Tea Party’s preferred narrative as “a spontaneous and quite anarchic movement” (in the recent words of the pundit Charles Krauthammer) populated only by everyday folk upset by big government and the deficit...


GOP election complaint against Christine O'Donnell still alive

By Shane D'Aprile - - 09/21/10

The Delaware Republican Party filed a Federal Elections Commission complaint against Christine O'Donnell during the Senate primary -- and now they can't take it back.

The compliant was filed less than a week before the primary and, after O'Donnell surprise win against party-backed candidate Mike Castle (R), the state GOP is now technically pursuing an alleged violation of federal election law against its own Senate nominee.

Delaware GOP Chairman Tom Ross, a leading O'Donnell critic during the primary, may have called for his party to unify, but the election complaint filed by the party alleging illegal coordination between O'Donnell and the Tea Party Express is still very much alive.

The complaint alleges that O'Donnell and the Tea Party Express engaged in coordinated communications in violation of federal election law and that the campaign accepted excessive contributions from the group.

Ross was unable to be reached for comment Monday, but a spokesman for the Delaware GOP admitted there was not much the party could do given that the complaint has already been filed and formally delivered to the O'Donnell campaign.

The O'Donnell camp received the complaint over the weekend, which means it has 15 days to file a written response to the charges with the FEC.

The complaint was filed on behalf of the Delaware GOP by former FEC Chairman Michael Toner. Election lawyer Cleta Mitchell is representing the O'Donnell campaign in the matter.
Cornyn will also announce Monday that he has retained Michael Toner, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, to serve as outside counsel during the 2010 election cycle.
Toner was general counsel to George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign, forming the Rove-Toner link
Toner spent five years at the FEC and served as chairman of the body in 2006. He left earlier this year to joining Bryan Cave LLP. Immediately prior to joining the FEC, Toner served as chief counsel at the Republican National Committee. He was also general counsel to George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign.
Like Collamore, Toner has long ties to the Washington Republican establishment.
Behind closed doors, Rove had a second mission -- a private session aimed at convincing the state's Tea Party activists to rally behind the Senate candidacy of Rep. Mike Castle, despite the fact that right-wingers felt betrayed by Castle's vote for the Obama-backed initiative on climate change.

Russ Murphy of the 9/12 Delaware Patriots, taking hold of the podium mike to tell O'Donnell's election night crowd about Karl Rove's request for a private meeting in December 2009 with all the tea party groups who were supporting O'Donnell.

"He [Rove] tried to convince us how we needed to get behind the party. And how we needed to get behind a candidate that was electable. He said what I really want to tell you folks is how to work with a candidate and get things done.

And I said, "Sir, with all due respect, no one is going to tell us how to take care of business."

[of which she was later FULLY EXHONERATED,]


KUDLOW: I beg your pardon. And the hope of the tea party rests with you because this is going to be used to discredit the tea party in its entirety. You are aware of that.
Ms. O'DONNELL: Thank you. We have the best FEC compliance firm in DC working on this with us. We have the best campaign lawyer working with us, and we have since the summer. Both of these professionals are making sure that we are doing everything above board, and they are quite astonished at these accusations and they're merely accusations circulating to help create this sensational buzz to discredit everything that happened in Delaware. They did the same thing to Sarah Palin. And it doesn't matter if six months from now I'm cleared. They're hoping that the damage is done simply by launching this investigations, and then in the court of public opinion people aren't going to be paying attention...
KUDLOW: Well, look--all right, you've been very effective in rebut. Look, I think it will matter if you are cleared.
Ms. O'DONNELL: Yeah.
KUDLOW: And I think it will matter for you personally, and I think it will matter for the whole tea party. So I think this is all terribly important. Look, we're flat out of time. I just want to say this...
Ms. O'DONNELL: And we're taking this seriously. Like I said...
KUDLOW: This is a story bigger than Christine O'Donnell. This is a national story about the fate of the tea party...
Ms. O'DONNELL: Right.
KUDLOW: ...which I will say again is the most important and most powerful force in American politics today...
Ms. O'DONNELL: Absolutely.
KUDLOW: ...with the chance of reforming our whole federal fiscal system and Obamacare and whatnot. So, Christine, again...
Ms. O'DONNELL: OK, let me just close with this. The reason why I have to continue fighting this is the message that they're trying to say is if you challenge the system, you're going to be attacked with these kind of phony investigations. And I'm here to say don't let that scare you off.

This is a RUSH transcript from "The O'Reilly Factor," November 5, 2010.
O'REILLY: Now, why do you think the press beat you up?
O'DONNELL: Well, like most liberals, what the Democratic playbook was this year, you can't stand on the record. They could not stand on, you know, cap-and-trade, which is going to cause everybody's utility bills to go up, or raising taxes, the largest tax increase in U.S. history. So, they had to attack the candidates. They had to make it personal.
O'REILLY: Yes, but the press relished attacking you. They relished it. They loved it.
O'DONNELL: Maybe it's some of the double-standard being a female.
O'REILLY: For example, they didn't attack Carly Fiorina.
O'DONNELL: You tell me. I have no idea.
O'REILLY: Well, that's why I asked you to come in here today. Look, Carly Fiorina got thumped out in California.
O'REILLY: But they didn't go after Carly Fiorina the way they went after you. It was all personal. You're this, you're that, you know, and I'm going to myself, it was almost like Sarah Palin. It was almost the same thing. Why are they going after her? Why do they want to denigrate her personally? Why?
O'DONNELL: You know the most frustrating part of all of that was if you asked the people, "Did you watch the speeches? Did you watch the debate?"
O'REILLY: They don't care. They just want to demean you.
O'DONNELL: They just wanted to attack me rather than look at where I stand on the issues... It could be a strong woman who had the audacity that challenge the system, and I busted up the backroom deal. I think there were a lot of bruised egos. A lot of, you know, you're taking the power out of our hands. I think at least for the party in Delaware, the Democratic -- the Republican leadership in Delaware they would rather control the way they lose than lose control of their party.
O'REILLY: Well and that is not just in Delaware. The old boys don't want to give up their power.

News Release


WILMINGTON, DELAWARE (November 22, 2010) -- Recently released voter registration statistics have now largely answered a lively debate within Delaware's Republican party about the reasons for Republican losses on November 2, 2010.

Mike Castle would likely have lost the 2010 election if chosen as the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, Republican candidates for all offices in Delaware faced a fundamentally more hostile electorate in 2010 than ever existed in past years.

Democrats added 29,650 voters -- a staggering 11% increase -- from 2008 to 2010 in a highly-aggressive voter registration drive by the Democrat Party of Delaware.

2010 election results for all Delaware offices may be largely explained by the failures of the Delaware and national Republican party to engage in party-building and voter registration, compared to an aggressive and effective party-building operation by Democrats.

Known as "the First State" for ratifying the US Constitution first, Delaware is nevertheless a lightly-populated, mostly agricultural oasis. Only 305,716 votes were cast for US Senate in Delaware. Therefore, the 29,650 increase in Democrat voter registration represents almost 10% of all votes cast for US Senate. It may be assumed that newly-registered voters are likely to vote.

Total registered Democrat voters in 2008 were only 264,167 voters for the entire State of Delaware. Democrats managed to increase total Democrat registered voters by 29,650 -- an astonishing 11% increase -- to 293,817 Democrat voters registered for the 2010 elections.

Increases in Democrat voter registrations did NOT come (on net) from Republicans switching parties. The Democrat Party aggressively registered new, first-time voters.

During the same period from 2008 to 2010, Republican registered voters increased by 4,153, and "Others" increased by 10,516. Therefore, the Democrats 29,650 voter increase does not represent (on net) Republicans switching to Democrats, but represents entirely new voters who had not previously voted in Delaware elections.

By comparison, Democrats showed a similar successful drive in prior years. Democrats increased registration from 2007 to 2008 by 14,451, while Republican increased registration from 2007 to 2008 by only 1,389, and "Others" increased by 1,286 voters.

Meanwhile, weaknesses in the Republican party's core operations at the national level were just exposed by a controversial resignation letter by the Political Director of the Republican National Committee. Gentry Collins described a disastrously inadequate effort of party-building and fund-raising at the Republican National Committee.


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